What Survey Creator is

All-in-One cloud based survey tool. Gather valuable feedback from your audience.

Survey Creator is the app the boring old survey companies don’t want you to know about. From the ground up, we have created a cutting edge cloud based platform with video surveys, audio surveys, voice recording functions, logic based questions and a lot more…

We aren’t just providing a boring “survey app” here though, we are providing a complete marketing intelligence system that will let you dial in:
…..every customer communication you send
…..every product offering you make
…..every marketing campaign you run
…..every client project you manage

How it works

This could not be simpler. In fact, you can have a complete survey funnel set up in minutes with 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Just log in from any location to the Survey Creator dashboard and choose from one of 25 pre-designed templates, or create your own with our template builder and image library.

Step 2

Choose from the 10 question types to set up your survey. We have everything from video questions, image questions through to star ratings and text boxes. We have them all.

Step 3

Decide how you want to incentive the survey completion. Our app lets you redirect them to a URL, download a file or show video content after they enter their email. All you do is add your autoresponder integration, a simple step.

Step 4

Preview your survey to make sure you like it then hit publish.
Instantly it goes live with our special Magic URL and can be viewed on the web, mobile, tablets and inside a Facebook Page Tab.
You are now ready to run your survey and reap the rewards!

Video Overview

Checkout some Demo Surveys