Strengthening Education is our mission!

Survey Creator Support Education program consists of two parts:

1. Direct funding for educational projects, students and teachers. We donate a percent of our profit to different educational foundations or individual educational projects. Survey Creator team is proud supporter of OSF.

2. We provide discounts for educational institutions and individuals:

We provide educational discounts for Survey Creator application.

As a student, teacher or educational institution, you can get a 50% discount on a Survey Creator license, to enjoy the exact same benefits as the full-priced license.

To purchase with a discount, you will need to get a coupon from us before purchasing the license. We cannot apply the discount if you already purchased Survey Creator at the full price.

To receive a coupon, send an email to with a proof of your connection with educational institution. This can be a scanned picture of your student card, teacher card, university official requests or proof of your name listed on an official document or website of your institution.

We will send you a coupon within 48 hours, with instructions on using it.